m.e.s.; illumin'd

Originally taken from the album Natural Freak, 2003CE

it was then that I realised
that M.E.S. invoked the spirit of Al Crowley
that of reversal of adjective & noun
(a technique obvious, I hope you can perceive)
also I began to detect a similarity
to a certain A.W. of Bavarian notoriety
how every 23rd word he would emphasise
with his trademark gutteral inflection

it's M.E.S. illumin'd!

with his lank, greasy hair
his cryptic shoulder pads
& his expensive but horrible shirts
the facts were - excessively damning

as I constructed my lists of concordance
I began uncontrollably to tremble & to fear for my existence
for if all this were true
then M.E.S. was behind it all
the harpy has not left my window ledge now for 19 days
& its cognitive dissonance disquiets me -
it's his! I know!

the words mutate & flower
about him