candy portents

prophecy is theft I say
religion is the old ploy of the masters
here's history's greatest give-away
in £10 Marx & Engels vouchers
they must refill your broken cup
& help you keep your pecker up
you can't deny it must be tricky
to keep the future sweet & sticky

when just a spoonful of artificial sweetener
will help that medicine go down

ingredients without a name
my fortune's laced with serial numbers
aspartame is part of me
feeding & creating hungers
they always keep the stocks in
of your choice of neural toxin
so bow down now before the saviour
who keeps the future chocolate flavoured

Yes indeed, ladies & gentlemen:
New Candy Portents can make even the most depressing & dead-end of circumstances sound like beacons of opportunity, shining in the darkness, leading to: your perfect job, your perfect love; your place in the scheme of things. All your feelings of dread & alienation will be gone!
All you have to do -
Is Consume.