doubt almighty

I might believe in anything, if I could make it all stand still
but the mysteries keep moving & it's making me feel ill
take my time trying to track the trickle of the truth
just to find it isn't possible providing perfect proof
& when I think I've finally got my finger on a fact

doubt almighty has come to save me

met a man named Michael he said his god's the best
& that I'd soon be sailing off to satan with the rest
& I said "maybe there's no Jesus, just the devil when he's stoned"
& I think he got the message 'cos he left me well alone
so if you're cornered by a mormon or getting shitness from a witness

doubt almighty will come to save you

so am I worrying about nothing while sitting by myself?
'cos I'm skeptical of everything especially doubt itself
to the untrained eye it may appear that I'm deranged
but if you ask me it's true belief that's really fucking strange
so when your life is threatened by perfection, just remember
that a happy end may be happy - but it's still an end