MK: Christ was into this weird, old-testament stuff, brutal & relentless, no sex.
Dan: It's sort of strange that that isn't God's plan.
Dianah: What, the madness of exhibition?
Dan: Well, they're bone dealers, wealthy men designed to be worn by entrepreneurs, all fortune-telling pharmaceuticals & protruding trust marks.
MK: Yes, a wacky fundamentalist group with a weird hipster/puritanical view. Several are public backers of ignorance, got no sympathy for the curious.
Dianah: I suppose they're making a new demise for the pickett-fences class? The first city is doomed!
MK: Well, I write about them, posing as their documents. It's a people hoax, the political avant-garde, right there in the crafted "real".
Dan: Yesterday, something danced, giddy & naked, through my mind, but it wasn't me; animating the images in my head into strange & playful new life.
MK: Stranger things have happened. 19 to be precise. A Shoggoth eating Mi-Go in a polyethelene bag is slow'n'squamous, got me?