formula of the beholder

(Written by MK & Dan Rathbone)

Fatuous over Paris: stupid, spoiled, superficial socialite creepers raid the brain department, where cabin fever & vacant Big Sports sit there, silently staring straight ahead, naked women in their faces & soup kitchens. An estimated inheritance struggles to be slender - so the fabulous song goes. Pretty as famed for chock full of antics & the fear factor as the beautiful people urge us to kick sand in hunting hearts, & splay their moral lips like a disclosed pornographic ex-boyfriend, who probably acts the gleeful feeding frenzy.
We brain around or wrinkle for generation. Each passing year most famous nerves may be on just plain root, or highly divine justice, punishing the universal. Apocryphal her promotional interviews for the almighty buck. The story is better than watching their faces, or the chops of the undoing betrayal.
Licking the rich eagerly, since there's nothing cute about a burning desire to spit poison behind you. Just watch the simple babe pellets. Unconscious Primal Pout Gatherers! We are now everyone at the same time! Overnight we contract the village further, dissolved magic in which we simply reconstitute the world.