hype eat up hope

hype eat up hope as we swing from their rope
expectations are raised to be dashed on the slippery
slope of emotion, so sick of devotion
kill all ambition with magical potions

hype eat up hope now we've finished the dope
& all that we're left with are shapes in the smoke
& a rumbling hunger we can't ever fill
so much for the dreams that the dealers are shilling

hype eat up hope as the lovers elope
to a life of such drudgery they'll never cope
they listen to love songs of passion & kisses
a view of the world that continually misses

I fear I cannot follow
how you swallow what you swallow

hype eat up hope now we've swallowed the soap
& we're queasy & quaking & theirs for the taking
society's circle of ignorant bliss
I can't quite believe that it's coming to this

hype eat up hope, well the charts are a joke
they're just modelling music that someone else wrote
devoid of all feeling, an absence of meaning
decaying the brain cells that ought to be healing

yeah hype eat up hope, if you don't get the joke
well I'd love to explain but I haven't the scope
your accountancy, nobody likes what you've done
with your head up your arse there's no room for the sun