escape velocity

every day I go to work, I know full well it's all a sham
but somehow knowing doesn't help, still fellating for the man
keeping up this masquerade while all my world is broke & busted
drag my arse through broken glass to try & pass as well adjusted
time may well be money, but neither one is real
& I can't just spend a lifetime trying to fight the way I feel
wonder if I ever will be free, achieve escape velocity?

now the images move faster & my thoughts are just a hum
my past is all inertia that I'm trying to overcome
all this flesh & bone & muscle, all the things I know are mine
& the everlasting game of snakes & ladders in my spine
it's time that we unravel what's been pulled over our eyes
we're only fighting shadows of our own selves in disguise
imagine all that I could be - if I should reach escape velocity

trying to remember as we build our hell on earth
that each birth is a trauma & every trauma is a birth
so drop everything & come with me, towards escape velocity