drawn into this conflict by the means of our propulsion
now our bodies are connected in this communal convulsion
blood mixed with adrenalin, the deadliest emulsion
you'll have to keep a lid on all your feelings of revulsion

watch another top 100 filled with warm nostalgic tingles
all my heroes have come back to me as advertising jingles
all repackaged & remixed, all the merchandising plastered
they won't stop until all history has been digitally remastered
barely comprehending all the money that we're spending
liberty is sick & mired, there'll be no turning of the tyred

though you're going round the bend
beware the messages you send
'cos all that matters in the end is that you fear, desire & spend
remember all you're really for is wasting much & wanting more

as if I could convince you when I can't convince myself
it's so hard to kick our habits when they're hurting someone else
& we've gone too far inside ourselves now to ride this coming storm
we've left the world behind us, & we think that that's the norm
in the service of our greed, nature's there to fill our need
though she's straining on the collar, sing hosanna to the dollar