by the book

I dream of a day when Travis aren't such suckers
when they sing "rain on me, would you, motherfucker?"
a day when girlpower's more than playing up to men
with cartoon lust, short skirts flashing us your tits again
I dream of Thelma & Louise
realising they've cured nothing only strengthened the disease &
I dream of a day when we're finally free
of the soulless hacks, besuited twats trying to write our destinies

I dream of seeing the episode of "Friends"
the one where they meet an ugly person & have to make amends
& then the real world comes crashing in
& they're finally face to face with what self-indulgent twats they've been
& then the episode of "Ally MacBeal"
where her colleagues get concerned & watch her try to eat a meal
"now come on boys, we gave her anorexia
is there really any way that we could make her any sexier?"

don't let the bastards write your script
I don't believe your reason's slipped
you're not a hero or a crook
let's do nothing by the book

I dream of a day no one cares who's screwing who
& there's finally some reality on the six o'clock news
I hope I live to see a mass illumination
where every work of art contains its own self-refutation
they make it seem so complex being adults in these times
we arrest our own ascent & never even try to climb
our culture is so petrified our stars are super-dense
conspiring in an insult to the mass intelligence