as yet unknown

so you're picking through the rubble of the western dream
desperately hoping all is not as it seems
when you find a small reminder of a route you could have taken
leave it to the fates to argue if you were mistaken

armageddon is a symbol & what it represents
is our own inherent terror of the ever-present tense
we're stuck here in this luxury suspended animation
peopling the future with the worst of our imaginations

que sera fuckin' sera whether you will or no I tell ya
don't be quite so quick to judge your species as a failure
next conclusion that you jump to just might be your own
but the road that lies before us all is as yet unknown

what if this pollution we create around the world
is to push our evolution as our dna unfurls?
I'm just saying, don't expect you've got the only bigger picture
reality will always find a way to contradict ya