coda: scan happen

all up & down this silent land the scream is just suppressed
a tension in the sinews of the poor & disposessed
of the sick of being lied to, of the won't get fooled again
of the couldn't give a fuck, mate - all the apathetic men
we all know we're being shafted & we're sick of being sore
& we hate the way we're used & then we're made to beg for more, but

miracles can happen here
we represent their deepest fear
that miracles can happen here

so there's warmth & reassurance that the experts all are right
& you really must belive them, if you want to sleep at night
& we may not know the answer, but we know the question's there
& it drives us to distraction & it drives us to despair
if you were trying to write a book then we would be the page
'cos life is all a concert & we're just trying to get backstage