silicon gypsy

I wandered, I wandered the streets of the city
a silicon gypsy through people so pretty
narcissus was echoed on walls & on hoardings
the gravy train's here & it's currently boarding

feeling the sun on the back of my head
from a sky that remained the dull colour of lead
with the heady aroma of burned hydrocarbons
the sights & the smells of our chemical garden

but I talked with the tower & the rain & the pavement
they tell me illusion's our only enslavement
& all land is holy & everything's blessed
humanity's only fulfilling its destiny

so I sing of the old gods, forgotten & lost
the god of the harvest, the corn & the frost
& I sing of the new gods, unknown & fantastic
mother of junkyards & father of plastic

well I've seen to the heart of this cold, silent land
seen too many things I just can't understand
so I live in the midst of the fruits of my labour
the edge of the world, the abyss is my neighour