Alien Poo Slime (Mixes & Marginalia)

MKCD009 2010CE

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Recently I was rummaging around on my old hard disk & found countless (well I couldn't be bothered to count them anyway) odds & ends - songs, pieces of music, absurd scraps of nonsense - which had been abandoned or forgotten over the course of recording The 19 Sounds & Scan Happen.

In some cases it was blindingly obvious why.

But in others some gems had been cruelly ignored for reasons which either didn't look so good in retrospect or are long forgotten. This reminded me of my half-arsed idea some while back to compile a few rather fine remixes from Scan Happen, the Tony, Bucking Flair thing & the one pre-2003 track on here, a remix of Year Of The Dog from the now-withdrawn "Natural Freak" album.

So consider this release a summing up, if you will; a tying up of loose ends. A final squeeze of the rind of Mirrorkill - The Electric Years. It's patchy & it's entertaining & it's occasionally incoherent & it's experimental & it's potentially incriminating & it's funny.

The esteemed Dan "The Bass" Rathbone has supplied, to my specifications, this fabulous artwork, in homage to the infamous Phi Zappa Krappa posters. I've been giggling for hours.

& where does the name come from, you ask? A place you don't ever want to go, my friend, that's where.