corporate rock courtesan

so do you find my songs too taxing on the brain?
do you find my words unusual, too hard to explain?
are all my rhythms too tricky to be true?
well if that's the case, dear listener then - this one's for you
a strong & simple glam rock beat
to which even the least coordinated can shuffle their feet
no muffled vocals, no sudden-changing keys
I'm a corporate rock courtesan, my friend & I aim to please

I swear I'm done with that pretentious shit
'cos if I just ignore my critics, I might never have a hit
so I'm only writing lovesongs; at least I'm going to try
although frankly, I had no idea that they were in such short supply
no more politics, I'm past the point of caring
I'll incarcerate my conscience & I'll stop the fucking swearing
& even though the effort might just drive me round the bend
I'm a corporate rock courtesan & I've no wish to offend

so if you like your music to all sound just the same
then I'll seem to play along with you while I infiltrate your brain
with all the subtlety of a military junta
I'm a corporate rock courtesan, my friend, you're just another punter
why can't you perform tonight? I hope there's nothing wrong
just tell me if you think this number's getting way too long
I'll be the person you love to look upon
yeah I'm a corporate rock courtesan, my friend, you're just another john