the museum of suffering untold

Our culture effectively rips off a woman's clothes, & sees them as less than human; the ultimate culprits. Fashion dictates slavery. This writhing document of the vocabulary of submission therefore articulates & celebrates the cruelty strip.
Simulated American men - not human, but deeply inextricable cameras - with patronizing strip routine sadism pound more of the sexually dark at one another. The sacrificial deaths confirm the exhilarating privilege enjoyed by anonymous consumers.
The image of the funny/terrifying Arab, doused in fear of the free market, of the reality of the female; this medieval stereotype irruption is the passion of the powerful. The soldiers may invoke censorship, but they need the context of spectacle.
However, stripped of symbols, it becomes a gonzo gangbang inflicted upon the Christ. One dose of ownership gives users the fades, cravings in which the visions darken.