opposition politics

well I never really liked you, but now I'm told I must
'cos you're unemployed, a single mum & nothing I would trust
but now we've lost the reins of power, we feel obliged to care
& we circle round our policies, reverse whatever's there

'cos opposition politics is just the game for me
though those whips that burn my bare behind no longer come for free
& the ulcer in my stomach hates responsibility
so I'm glad to leave myself behind for someone else to be

there are those that love the camera & the camera loves them too
but they can't keep out of trouble & no one expects them to
but beware of all those blue-eyed boys, solutions that they sell
'cos it's my job to disagree, & boy I do it well

now I've a lot in common with those junkies that you meet
'cos I've got my own addictions, though there's shoes upon my feet
I've got many thanks in offshore banks, so girl I'm doing fine
& tell me when we're finished here - will you come back to mine?

yeah, opposition politics, it seems so clear to me
that you only get what you deserve & nothing comes for free
& the media & the massage are my ideology
so I'm glad to leave myself behind for someone else to be